Available Resources

Part of our mission is to make sure that students have resources available to them to complete projects and ideas to their fullest creative potential. This is why our center provides a variety of resources and rooms for rent.

If you would like to rent any of our materials please fill out our google form here

or stop by the center to talk with one of our graduate assistants.

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MakerBot Replica+ 3D Printer


Panasonic V720 Video Camera


Phantom 4 Drone+*

*To fly Phantom 4 Drone+ you must have a license with the FAA or be in the presence of someone with a license


Canon EOS Rebel SL1 Camera


Sony NXCAM Camcorder


ArcGIS Map Making Software

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PastPerfect Software


AudioTechnica 2020 Microphones


Podcast Room

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Logic Pro X Audio Software