Current Events and News

Collections Management Workshop (Beginner)

October 23 Griffin Hall 518 12:00pm-1:00pm: This how-to workshop is aimed at beginners wanting to learn a little on Collections Management and how to use Past Perfect, a database program used in museums nationally for collections management. Workshop will be ran by Maegan Smith and Anne Mahoney of Vermillionville Living History Museum.

Collections Management Workshop (Intermediate)

October 30 Griffin Hall 518 12:00pm-1:00pm: This how-to workshop is for those who already have a jump start on collections management and want to explore more advanced uses of Past Perfect. Workshop will be ran by Maegan Smith and Anne Mahoney of Vermillionville Living History Museum.

Map Making Workshop (TWO DAY WORKSHOP)

November 6 & 13 Griffin Hall 307 2:30pm-3:30pm: This how-to workshop is for beginners unfamiliar with ArcGIS, a wonderful map making software that our center offers. This workshop is a two day course and will be ran by Dr. Brittany Cook, Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Photography Workshop (Two day workshop)

November 6 & 13 Griffin Hall 518 7:00pm-8:00pm: This is a educational workshop on photography explaining how to use the cameras we offer for rent and use in our center as well as dive into the artistic elements of planning and production of a shoot. This workshop is a two day course and will be ran by Dr. Stephanie Paine, Assistant Professor of Photography at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

October 2020 — Public engagement event

The Guilbeau Center for Public History is excited to announce that we will be collaborating with the World War II Museum located in New Orleans, LA and with the History of Science Society to bring together a public engagement event. This event will be taking place in October of 2020 at the World War II Museum. We are incredibly excited to watch this project grow and bring you more information on this exciting opportunity in the future.


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History Set in Plastic: A 3D Walk through the Ancient World

For their final project, students in History 101: A History of World Societies, students 3-D printed historical artifacts from the history of science, technology, engineering, or medicine from the early history of humankind up to 1453 CE.


Resistance Through Persistence

Vermilionville Living History Museum and the Department of History, Geography, and Philosophy at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette announces Resistance through Persistence: Enslaved Women and Culture in Louisiana. The exhibit opened Wednesday, May 1, 2019 at Vermilionville and then traveled to the Guilbeau Center for Public History, where it will be on display Sept 1 - Dec 10, 2019. Curated by undergraduate and graduate students as part of UL’s public history program, the exhibit foregrounds enslaved women’s experiences in Louisiana and in the area that is today Lafayette.

“Resistance through Persistence” emphasizes the many ways that enslaved women found to build culture despite the oppressive institutions supporting slavery. Too often resistance only includes rebellions and uprisings. This exhibit shows how enslaved women pushed back and resisted slavery on a daily basis.


Memories of Hurricane Harvey

This semester our students will be working to create history through a 12-parish collections project focused on Hurricane Harvey’s impact on southwest Louisiana. Our researchers will be set up in the 12 parishes declared federal disaster zones in Louisiana.At each of these sites, they will collect oral history interviews and construct a mobile exhibit in the Department of History’s Museum on the Move Airstream trailer.

If you live in one of these parishes and experienced the impact or assisted others following Hurricane Harvey, consider coming out to share your story and participate in the exhibit!This research is part of the Recent Louisiana Disasters Oral History Project and is sponsored by the Louisiana Endowment for Humanities, the UL Lafayette Department of History, the Guilbeau Center for Public History, the Center for Louisiana Studies, the Museum on the Move program, and our hosts in each parish. For more information on the project, contact Dr. Liz Skilton at

Museum on the Move is a student-driven, Public History project wrapped within an exhibit and design class. Students research historical content and then formulate a plan into building an exhibit based on the latest museum and exhibit-building techniques. In designing these new exhibits, the students gain hands on experience in curatorial issues and exhibition. They are able to gauge out what interests them in the different areas of museum and exhibit work. From the many challenges of research, to label writing, to picking out colors, finding objects, creating visuals, the installation and social media outreach, students have their hands full in completing everything by the semester’s end. And the biggest challenge of all is displaying it within a vintage Airstream trailer! 

Museum on the Move wants to visit You!

Our mobile museum, currently exhibiting oral histories of Hurricane Harvey, is looking forward to traveling to your home town, festival, park etc. Check out our History Harvest tab for more information regarding where we will be this semester!