Natalie Elder’s recommended resources for collections:

Recommended Resources for Collections Management:

Conserve O Grams

The National Park Service publishes and regularly updates briefs on specific issues. They provide excellent information and references.


National Park Service Museum Collections Storage

This is a very detailed chapter on collections storage that is available for free online.


Connecting to Collections

This is an initiative of the IMLS that supports small and midsized collecting institutions. There are many resources on this site, and they host online courses. 


Smithsonian Institution Archives Collections Care Guidelines and Resources

This is a forum where Smithsonian experts answer questions about common problems associated with archival documents. Questions include issues such as: How do I preserve my newspaper? What do I do about bugs on books and paper? Photograph stuck to glass?


Institute of Museum and Library Services Bookshelf

This is a user guide to a group of books that the IMLS provided to small and medium sized museums and archives. While the program is over, this guide has an annotated bibliography of all of the reference books they provided.


American Association for State and Local History

The AASLH has several good resources, such as technical leaflets and online courses. Some are offered free, others are available to members or for a reasonable price.

Karen Pavelka’s recommended disaster planning resources:

Templates for disaster plans

California Preservation Program Emergency Preparedness and Response -

CalPres has an excellent simple template for a disaster plan, plus links to other resources.


CoStep MA

Excellent overall view of all aspects of disaster planning and preparation


Council of State Archivists Pocket Response Plan

This template can be folded to credit card size so that you can carry the important parts of your disaster plan in your wallet.


Getty guide

Solid information.  Written in 1999 but still relevant.


Harvard Libraries


NEDCC Planning guide (dPlan)

Guides you through step by step plan for your institution.  Lets you tailor the information to specific needs.



National Heritage Responders

The NHR is a team of conservation professionals who can provide free advice and assistance during a disaster.  While we probably cannot offer much assistance, the group might form a model for what can be done in China.


Guidelines for drying books and objects

AIC’s Health and Safety in Emergency Response wiki

Guidelines for keeping the responders safe and healthy.


National Park Service Conserve-o-Grams

Section 21 has guidelines for salvage procedures.  The rest of the site has excellent information about all aspects of preservation.


University of Michigan

Step by step instructions for books.


WAAC Salvage at a Glance Chart